Services and prices

What i am doing: develop corporate identity (logos, business cards, forms, etc.); draw illustrations for any purpose (for books, games, websites and posters); create various characters (from concepts to finished designs); produce icons for every taste (small and beautiful, large and juicy). Corporate identity Logo: 200 $ (2 weeks) Business card, letterhead, envelope: 50 $ (3 days) Illustration 200-600 $ (1-3 weeks) Icons 1pc: 25 $ (1 day) 5pcs: 100 $ (2 days) Character One pose: 200 $ (1 week) More positions: + $ 50 (3 days) Each project is individual and therefore the deadlines and the manufacturing price may differ from those mentioned above. To find out how much your project will cost – contact me. If you want a quality product – call or send email right now.